When he got the news, Zózimo Barrozo do Amaral was scared. And he had good reason to be. It’s not very usual to be informed you have only three years left, if you don’t quit smoking and drinking. To soothe himself, his wife Dorita, his son Fernando and the friends who got to know the truth, Zózimo went through several examinations that didn’t locate any illness. But three years later, on November 18, 1997, at the same time he had heard his eerie diagnosis, Zózimo died in Miami. “The spot that was only energetic became a real cancer and ended up killing him”, states sadly Carmen Viana, the creator of the process of cell memory programming, which Zózimo had started but broken up. “In other stages of the process, we would have a way to reprogram that energetic spot and prevent the cancer from ever manifesting.”

The story of the famous news columnist of Rio de Janeiro with the programming created by Carmen is part of a book by the journalist’s widow, Dorita Moraes e Barros, which hasn’t been published yet. According to the book, everything started when events promoter Sidney Pereira gathered a group of socialites at a dinner in Zózimo’s home, on the first week of November 1994. It was an opportunity for some members of Rio’s high society to get acquainted with the mysteries of cell memory reprogramming. “On the occasion, everybody but Zózimo asked questions. Two days later, he was at Carmen’s house to start the process”, Dorita says. She was fascinated by the account made by her husband. According to her, in a previous life Zózimo was Nemesius, the guard who nailed Christ’s feet to the cross.

“After the discovery, spots that used to appear on Zózimo’s feet when he was tense ceased to reappear”, Dorita adds. She’s still trying to find a publishing house for the book.

From the time she was three, Carmen Viana’s been looking for answers to the questions she made about the origin of the human beings. She made so many questions and kept so much away from other children that, when she was 16, her relatives decided to take her to a doctor. The diagnosis was scary and utterly irresponsible: “According to the doctor, I had a whopping brain dysrhythmia. But it was nothing of the sort. All I wanted was to find the reason we were in this world”, says Carmen, who’s now Dorita’s best friend.

The search would go on for a few years, till the day that, as a computer store owner in the United States, she could not handle them properly, “even though I had studied the Theory of Relativity and everything else that could answer my doubts.”

As it was impossible to manage a computer firm without any knowledge of computers, Carmen asked one of her analysts to put up some overtime on Saturday and teach her the most elementary things about his job. “As soon as he started to explain, something clicked. Our body is like a computer. And to make it work, we need a password”, says Carmen.

The process of cell memory reprogramming is very similar to the workings of a computer. Regardless of your culture, religion, IQ, color of the skin or any other genetic factor, “it can get into your cell memory, where your whole life is stored – past, present and future. Memory cells have information that determine your height, the color of your hair, IQ, and so on. They also contain the whole history of the Universe to which you are connected”, she goes on. “Everything is energy and all the energies are interconnected, which makes us part of a whole cosmic internet, wherein every human being is like a terminal.

Carmen’s process is based on one of the aspects of the theory of relativity: “If you manage to invert time, past, present and future can be seen simultaneously. Therefore, if you want to change the history of your life, you have to go back to the very beginning, see where

you made your mistake, amend it, reprogram yourself and go ahead.” However, to reach that stage, she needed the password to access the CPU, which is the cell memory. “It wasn’t hard to find out that the Universe works in a matter of sounds and numbers. Both are intertwined: every sound relates to a number and a frequency.”

When she reached that level of knowledge, one of the first things she found out was that human beings were not made to die. “We die only because we don’t know the right way to handle the human body. By reprogramming the cell memory, we’ll be free”, Carmen explains. She then discloses that the whole base of her knowledge is in accordance with Biblical teachings. “When I say we’re not here to die, I refer to another passage of the Bible, the one that says ‘I am the resurrection and the life.’”

“If we go on this quest, the truth of the cell memory process will lead the man to be closer to the Creator”, underlines Carmen.

People who go through the process always end up saying, “Everything’s really simple.” And so it is. Carmen does not hypnotize her clients. In fact, you are always lucid. You’re lying on a bed, with your eyes covered and then you’re stimulated to free your mind and access your cell memory. Then, little by little, you start seeing images of your cell memory playing on a very large screen. At the beginning, you see scenes from your past. As the process goes on, you start seeing your future too. You can reprogram things both in your past and in your future, altering your life, fighting illnesses and other programs. But Zózimo Barrozo do Amaral didn’t follow through with the process and could not alter the end of his life.

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News columnist Zózimo Barrozo do Amaral with his wife, Dorita Moraes e Barros. He could have prevented his death in 1997, but interrupted the process of cell memory reprogramming.

CARMEN VIANA: “We only die because we don’t know how to handle this machine which is the human body. Human beings were not made to die.”


Thanks to Carmen Viana’s process, Sérgio Ricardo healed from Aids. They fell in love, got married and live very happily today.

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