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WARNING: Reservations for events and seminars must be done in advance and by payment in full. Reservation deposits are necessary to guarantee the applicant’s place. In case of quitting or no show after cancelation deadline (see below), ANY AMOUNTS PAID WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED.

CANCELATION POLICY: As the events are bespoke and take place only after previous reservation, if it is totally impossible for the applicant to be present at the event on the selected date, we shall do our best to relocate him or her to another event, on a mutually convenient date. Requests for postponement must be done in written and at least 30 working days before the event’s starting date. The request must also be done through the same channel used for the reservation. If the cancelation request arrives after this 30-day threshold, any amounts paid will not be reimbursed, in order to cover expenses and damages derived from such cancelation.